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Roveang, Cambodia

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Tang Chi, Cambodia

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Ta Ngach, Cambodia

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Ta Ngach, Cambodia

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Ta Loea, Cambodia

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Char Ung Kao, Cambodia

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Char Ung Kao, Cambodia

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32, male, Single

Ta Ngach, Cambodia

Hello. I am faycal from the south of france. Adventurer when I have time once a year. This year it will be cambodia and I will put my suitcase on phnom phen mid-December. I am looking for a person who can guide me in your urban jungle and advise me on good plans. thnks

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50, male, Single

Haffouz, Thailand

I like to visit temples and places of historical interest. I also like to go out and enjoy a meal in an expensive restaurant - fun is important.And I love music, all kinds. I want to come to Cambodia and experience the culture but I don't want to be alone.My home is in south Thailand and I have a lot of free time because I teach at university but I like to travel, and I am coming to Cambodia soon....... let's see what happens.

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58, male, Divorced

Kampong Mkak, Cambodia

I am romantic, loving and caring. I know this sounds so cliched but when it is the truth, you must accept it.I am 52 years young, a Teacher, recently arrived in Cambodia after spending a year teaching in Thailand. It is my intention to make Cambodia my home and to find the one lady that captures my heart.Your looks are not important to me, as they change with time. It is what is in your heart that makes you who you are and that will never change

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62, male, Divorced

Kaoh Khcheay, Cambodia

Hello . To describe me is really difficult because I sometimes consider myself changing from day to day ! I am always in good mood and patient . I like a quite life . My intention is to settle here in Cambodia : open a shop or something and take it easy and relax . My female companion will be my partner in life and in business. I started taking lessons of khmer ..:)

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49, male, Single

Tonle Sar, Cambodia

I'm based in Cambodia and enjoying the SE Asian lifestyle. I'm a fairly youthful and down to earth guy who enjoys traveling and getting out there and exploring and trying new things. I don't have any hobbies as such except I enjoy work and sport and try to keep in reasonable shape.I am looking to meet someone in CAMBODIA. Basically I would like to meet a like-minded educated woman with a warm personality who feels just as comfortable drinking wine in a nice bar as hiking up a mountain in the middle of nowhere etc. Basically someone who would like to travel and explore new things with me and who is content to live and enjoy the simple things in life.

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Tang Chi, Cambodia

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Ampil, Siem Reap, Puok, Cambodia

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Char Ung Kao, Cambodia

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Krang, Cambodia

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Kouk Char, Cambodia

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Aksar, Phnom Penh, Dangkao, Cambodia

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Kouk Thlok, Cambodia

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Char Ung Kao, Cambodia

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Krang, Cambodia

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Slaeng, Cambodia

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Phum Prammuoy, Cambodia

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Char Ung Kao, Cambodia

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Ak Rumduol, Phnom Penh, Dangkao, Cambodia

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Kouk Char, Cambodia

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Srama, Cambodia

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Krang, Cambodia


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