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Krang, Cambodia

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Srama, Cambodia

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43, female, Single

Colts Neck, United States

Adventurous BBW that loves to learn new and exciting things all while catering to your every desire. Seeking an arrangement with a handsome leader that is ambitiously motivated to take life to the next level. I desire an individual who enjoys investing time, energy, and finance into a peaceful and elegant lady.

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29, female, Single

Guidan Magaji, Ghana

Oh, my perfect arrangement. That's a tough one! I'm pretty easy to please. I do prefer some level of discretion but I'm pretty flexible and easy-going. I'm pretty new to this whole concept so I'm not entirely sure what a normal arrangement would be! So how about this, why don't you describe your perfect arrangement to me instead and we'll go from there? Whether you're just looking for someone to keep you company now and again or a regular thing, I'm really not picky!

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64, male, Single

Loris, United States

NO scammers! I am a Free Spirit! I am a simple man. People that know me would describe my nature as quiet, soft spoken, modest and humble. VERY affectionate, attentive, appreciative. Conservative and spiritual. My sense of humor is more of a chuckle than burst out laughing humor. I am very playful! I can listen to just about any kind of music, mostly classic rock, classic country. I don't go on ego, power or control trips. I'm not much of a charmer or flatterer, I'm pretty straight forward. I do not offer or accept guilt trips.Sex is not a priority or motive. I seek someone that is seeking a compatible companion. I believe in the 50/50 arrangement 100%. I've always treated my partner as a gift. I do well with children, most times I'd rather deal with them than adults. I am ambulatory challenged, I'm not decrepit. I have a self sufficient income. I'm willing to travel certain distances. I'm open to any questions, feel free to ask!"The good book says it's better to give than to receive.I do my best to do my part.Nothing in my pocket, I got nothin up my sleeve.I keep my magic in my heart."

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48, female, Divorced

Midlothian, United States

I am 41. I know many people say I do not look my age and I can pass as my older sisters daughter. Not bragging. It has actually been a bad thing growing up getting id and now fewer people are asking for my id. Crazy. Now I look like my daughter's mom than her sister. I am legal. I am from Texas with Creole influence due to my parents. My accent is very heavy southern with a little Frenchy to it. I have retired from my past career which was education, medical and I spend a few months in corrections. No I was not an inmate but a correctional officer. Now I follow my dreams of things I love to do that includes writing song lyrics while trying to get back into taking some courses. I want to do a personal demo and maybe a Youtube channel. My interest includes writing novels, lyrics, screenplays, fashion, and traveling. I love a lot of Christian stuff as well. I love cooking when in the mood and trying out new food. I still have interest in my past career like public health, medicine etc. I am always going though children stuff and hope to make a few children songs. I still love my daycare ages. I love to draw and I wish to get more into that. I might want to hang a few of my own painting in my room. At this point like most musician my living arrangement is with my elderly mom and daughter. I am hoping to get to Austin Texas. The capital of music in Texas. I want to go book music craft fairs and conferences and workshops. I would like a man who don't mind the annoying humming all day. Who know he might want to pick up an instrument and play. He don't mind me going on about books etc or ideas. I want someone who don' mind me.

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43, female, Single

Ngongolo, Hong Kong

Hello I want to be a new friend and happy with chat but I can't many English hope never mind thank you

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