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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, am a youthful age 61 and enjoying an active retirement.  I recently visited Cambodia, including Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat.  The experience had a great impact on me.  I was deeply moved by the warmth and soulfulness of the Cambodian people.  The Cambodian culture seems to embody values which are different than, and in some important ways possibly superior to, the values in the United States.  Overall I felt a compassion in Cambodia that is often absent in the U.S.  I hope to meet a Cambodian woman who has these qualities, and that she will help me have a more fulfilling life.  The San Francisco Bay Area, where I was born and grew up, is a beautiful place with many fun and interesting things to do and a very pleasant climate.  I like to hike and do other activities which the Bay Area and other nearby parts of California, with its beaches, parks, and mountains, not to mention museums and concert halls, etc., provide many opportunities for.  My biggest interest is in music, and I play in 3 music groups playing rock, pop, blues, jazz, and world music.  When I was at the Ta Prohm temple complex in Angkor Wat I saw a group of Cambodian musicians playing beautiful traditional Khmer music and was very impressed by it.  I hope a Cambodian woman with interests similar to mine will respond to this posting.
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