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I need to meet a close friend I can trust.

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I'm a teacher and I want to meet a close friend, maybe more to help each other. 

Responsible for teaching students of all ages and learning levels to communicate in English as their second language.  
Courses were both in classroom and activity based environments. Responsible for lesson planning, teaching materials, classroom instruction, activities and evaluation.  
Individual class sizes ranged from 1 student to 60 students per class room.
Teaching ESL to students in Thailand has helped me to improve on communication skills, indefinitely. 
These communication skills have included speaking slowly, and precisely as well as watching for each student’s ability level and where they needed help with English pronunciation, listening, reading and grammar. 
Being in tune with the many ways people communicate through energy, body language, facial expressions as well as linguistically, has helped me to more fully help each student. 
Assessing their English language ability, and learning style preference through their unique energy when they may not be able to communicate linguistically has shown to be an invaluable skill.
During my time teaching English in Thailand, I have always done extra work at language schools, private lessons, corporate clients, camps, workshops, and given seminars. 
I’m computer literate and have experience making power-points and using electronic smart boards.
Taught English as a Second Language to both local and foreign students.
I also taught IELTS, TOEFL and other English tests.
I helped students learn the English language and helped them improve their English communication skills.
In addition, I handled English camp/English summer programs for kids and young adults.
Teaching English to ESL corporate learners in China via Skype. Using a wide selection of topics, supplied by the company ranging from Beginner to Advanced. 
Helping local business people in Thailand master and manage command business phrases, expressions and vocabulary. 

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